& R E T A I L
ATT Retail - Seminole, OK
   New Construction
   Architect:Devox Proj. Management Group
Miller Johnson Law Offices -
OK City, OK
   New Construction
   Architect - Krittenbrink Architecture
  Consultant- LauraLeeRussell DevoxPMG
   Code Compliance & Constructability
7-Eleven,Inc. - Acquisition Program
       Central US Region
    Owner's Representative
      Rebranding, Remodels,
      Fueling Systems Due Diligence,
              (EPA Compliance)
      New Store, Fueling Systems,
      New Restaurant / Licensing, Car Wash
Starbucks - Fort Irwin, CA,
  Fort Meade, VA
   Owner's R epresentative
     New Restaurant / Licensing
Dunkin' Donuts -
   Fort Sam Houston, TX
      Owner's Representative
        Adaptive ReUse / Licensing
Burger King -
   Wright Patterson AFB, OH
      Owner's Representative
         New Store & Rebranding
Pizza Hut - Fort Irwin, CA
     Owner's Representative
          New Store & Branding
Game Stop - Fort Irwin, CA
      Owner's Representative
        New Store / Branding
The Exchange - Fort Meade, VA
      Owner's Representative
        C Store, Fuel System Expansion, 
         Car Wash Expansion
Mitchell Communications
Corporate Office / Warehouse - Oklahoma City, OK
   Design + Construction Management by       Devox Project Management Group, llc. 
Federal Bankruptcy Court,
Oklahoma City, OK

    Architect:  FKW Architects

    Remodel / Historic Preservation

Clubhouse International -
Oakbrook, IL
   Architect  - Pointe Design
   Installation - Winslow Associates
   Specifications - Laura Russell
Donna's Razor Cuts Hair Salon-Moore, OK
   Renovation / Remodel 
   Design + Build by
   Devox Project Management Group
GAP, Inc. (Old Navy / The GAP / Banana Republic) - USA
   Due Diligence & Project 
    Investigation Surveys
    Field Consultant - Laura Russell
Diesel Clothing Company - Flagship Store Prototype
    Design Firm - Pointe Design
     Installation - Winslow Associates 
     Design & Technical Consultants -              John Harris, Michael Khoury,
                      Laura Russell
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Clothing - Flagship (Tokyo), Retail Locations (USA)
    Design Firm - Pointe Design
     Installation - Winslow Associates
     Technical Consultants -
          Laura Russell, Stan Berry
Pointe Design Corporate Office
    Design + Construction by
                Pointe Design
     Laura Russell, Michael Khoury
Nautica International Men's Clothing - Flagship (NYC), Retail Locations (USA)
    Retail Store Design & Installation
     Winslow Associates / Laura Russell
Liz Claiborne - Home (NYC, Los Angeles, Charlotte)
   Retail Store New & Retrofit
    Design & Installation:
    Winslow Associates / Laura Russell
Haggar International - International Tradeshow Booth, Chicago, IL
      Design + Construction
  Winslow Associates / Michael Khoury                 Laura Russell
Diesel Clothing Company - Chicago, IL
      Value Engineering Study
    Winslow Associates / Laura Russell
Clubhouse International           photo Courtesy of Winslow Associates
ATT Mobile Retail / Licensee